Friday, January 1, 2010

Other Interesting desinations nearby Valkenburg


After visiting Valkenburg city you must visit the Maastricht also because it is also a very beautiful city of Netherlands and visitors vacationning in Maastricht Hotel say that it is also a one of most delightful cities in Netherlands and near Amsterdam. Most visitors want to spend their vacations in Maastricht hotel because it is located in the south of Netherlands, and capital of province of Limburg. The city centre split in two by the river mass. This city offers relaxed atmosphere than other parts of the Netherlands and it also attract many international tourists for its rich history and for its beauty that is why most of the visitors want to spend their vacations in hotels in Maastricht.


After enjoying in Valkenburg you must visit this beautiful city because it is located on the IJssel River and it is a municipality and city in the Salland region of the Dutch province of Overijssel. Most people want to spend their vacations in hotel Deventer because it preserved a number of beautiful old houses in the town center and it is a modern town town with active industries the most important of which are carpet-making and the manufacture of the bicycles and visitors who vacationning in Deventer hotel also said that it is also famous for its honey cakes (kruidkoeken). This beautiful city has many Attractions, sights and places to see. Tourists who vacationning in hôtels Deventer also said that the city hosts three events in a year. In the first week of july the city host open air festival "Deventer op stelten" (Deventer on Stilts) and actors and artists give free performances in the streets and on the Brink square. In August, Deventer is home to Europe's largest book fair, attracting some 125,000 visitors.The Dickens Festival in December sees some of the oldest streets and alleys in the city dressed up in the style of the Victorian era, as per Dickens' writings.


While vacationning in Valkenburg city you can also spend your vacations in Zwolle hotel, which is a very beautiful city nearby the Zwolle. Tourists vacationning in hotels Zwolle say that it is a capital of the province of Overijssel and it is situated on the Zwarte Water, which is a small river which falls into the river IJssel. Visitors enjoying in Zwolle Hotel also say that the name of Zwolle has its origin from the word Suolle, which means "hill". It was situated on a hill between the three rivers surrounding the city, the rivers IJssel, Vecht, and Zwarte Water. This was the only area that would remain dry during the frequently occurring floodings of the rivers.

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